A year with Bob


I have not been active with blogging in quite awhile and wanted to reach out to those of you who don’t know me personally or on Facebook.

I have read so many incredible stories of perseverance, courage, and survival by connecting with other brain tumor bloggers. I have enduring admiration and hope for all of us.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have not required surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation thus far, and have great optimism that the tumor on my brain stem will not grow.

On April 1st, 2015, I read my second MRI report (with contrast this time) and discovered that I had a primary neoplasm on my brain stem. This was confirmed later in the week by the neurologist whom I had to argue with to get a script for an MRI in the first place.  This consult scared the crap out of me, as I have shared many times that he told me that I was in for a hard fight and probably would not be here in a year. Thank God, he was wrong.

My life was thrust into an alternate reality. I vacillated between wanting to just die and get it over with, and wanting to live like never before. After seeing many specialists, I met the neurosurgeon who gave me hope and explained my MRIs with compassion and in a way that I could begin to grasp. Dr. Levy convince me to not get a biopsy, explaining the great risks involved in going that deep into my brain, but to get an MRI in 3 months to see if this tumor was growing. That was the longest and most anxious 3 months of my life. I had and have amazing support and love that carried me through and buoyed me to earth. Expressing my emotions on this blog and reading others was immensely therapeutic.

A year later, having had MRI’s every 3 months, the tumor has not grown! My next MRI is in June, then another 6 months after that. As long as there is no growth, the tumor will not impact my functioning or health. If it ever does grow, I will cross that bridge with Dr. Levy and my incredible family and friends.

I try to remember every day that being here is a gift, to have compassion for everyone I meet, to remain grateful and express gratitude, and to seek joy and love. I am far from perfect in this effort, but I continue to challenge myself on this journey.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this journey with me, and as always…

More will be revealed.



2 thoughts on “A year with Bob”

  1. Powerful journey! I wake every day … EVERY day … and thank God for the gift of seeing another morning. I know fully well that it doesn’t mean I get to see the sun set, but at least I’ve had the sunrise.

    Thank you, Dawn, for allowing us to join you on your journey. It’s a gift I certainly don’t take lightly. Prayers for you, dear traveler.


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