3 month follow up

Hello dear readers,

This is a short post to update those of you who are not Facebook (or personal) friends.  I had my 3 month follow up MRI on Friday and finally received a voicemail from my doctor’s nurse this evening.  She simply said that my MRI “looks good” and they will follow up with me tomorrow.  I am taking a big sigh of relief, praising God, and hope to sleep like a baby tonight.

I’ll write more soon.

Thank you all for your love and encouragement!


3 thoughts on “3 month follow up”

  1. Wow, so good to hear your update. I have been watching the brain tumor site, and finally decided I needed my BOB update, and there you were. I know how you feel, and nothing compares to the relief I know you are feeling. I am not on Facebook.

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