Have Bob, will travel.

I have set a new goal, which involves planning for the future.  That in itself excites me.  Planning for the FUTURE!  That does not mean that I’ve been given the “all-clear” from the docs, just that I have decided to keep on living as if.  I have not been good at setting goals or making long-term plans, like, ever.  It has been difficult lately even to make short-term plans, beyond scheduling doctors’ and radiology appointments.  There are a ton of concerts that I’d love to go see this summer for instance, but I have been too cautious to buy tickets just in case I’m laid up after a biopsy or going through some type of treatment by the time the show rolls around.  (OK, I’m also not working, thus broke, so I can’t buy tickets anyways, but that’s not the point.)

So, you may ask, what is this new future goal? (Go ahead, ask.)  Well, I’m so glad you asked!  My goal is to buy a little travel trailer and travel to my heart’s content.  My goal even has steps to get there (uh-huh, there I go making plans…)  I will say that I am just going to do the footwork and leave the results to the Big Guy.

  1. Find a career that I can do from “home” – home being wherever the trailer is.
  2. Really, 1.b. but I don’t know how to make that kind of list here… finish the online medical coding and billing program that I began ages ago, leading to desired portable career.
  3. Begin my “travel trailer” fund.  This would involve going back to work, which I really am attempting to do.
  4. Find a coding/billing job that allows working over the World Wide Interwebs.
  5. Find a trailer that my Honda Element (towing capacity 1,500 lbs) can tow.  My car is finally paid off, and I love it, so I am not interested in buying a big truck.

Well, of course, I have already begun obsessively researching travel trailers weighing less than 1,500 lbs and have fallen in LOVE with the 13′ Scamp (from the factory, they’re not quite this cute):


So yeah… that’s my next goal! Yahoo!

No news to report on the Bob-front.  Next MRI is June 26th.

Thanks for reading along!  More will be revealed…

Love & light,


4 thoughts on “Have Bob, will travel.”

  1. What an awesome idea! I’m sending you good vibes for this! You can come visit, too, we have a perfect place to park your camper 🙂


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