Are we there yet?

Do you ever just say YES? I usually don’t. I’ve got to know all the details, plan things out, and make informed decisions.  In other words, I’m controlling and like to be in charge. Spontaneity is not my specialty, not since I left college anyways.

A few days ago, my mom said, “Hey, let’s drive to Yellowstone, it’s only 7 hours away!” I had just finished my working interview to return to work in a less stressful capacity, and was told that they were not moving forward with a decision for at least a week.  Without further contemplation, I said YES!

We could manage a 3 day road trip.  Had I actually looked at a map of Yellowstone and seen it’s enormity, I most likely would have bailed with the reason that we need at least a week!  Nope, we did not actually see much of the Park today, and we drive back to Denver in the morning.   What we have been surrounded by for the past two days, driving from Denver to Cody, WY yesterday (8 1/2 hours, by the way), and through part of Yellowstone today, is breathtaking, life giving beauty. Beauty that I would have passed on just 2 months ago, if I could not have planned out the perfect trip.

Life for just the past two days has truly been about the journey and not the destination.  Had it been about rushing to get to Old Faithful or another specific point in Yellowstone, I would have been sorely disappointed because we simply did not have enough time, partially due to a road closure in the Park.  I would have missed out on each moment along the road in which mom and I were “oohing” and “ahing” together as each magnificent and changing landscape passed by our car windows, and would have avoided or complained about each stop along the way.

Having had nearly a month off work while stressing out about a brain tumor biopsy that got put on hold for further observation, it is so wonderful to be out of my house, and out of my head, driving down the road of life with my mom and our dogs!   I finally comprehend the phrase, “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”

Thank you for joining me on my journey!  More will be revealed…

Love and gratitude,



2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. So THAT is where you have been! I missed you. So happy to see you loving the moments along the way. Even pre-Bob, you were always bouncing back to that place of savoring the now. Some bounces hurt, but after all these years with Dr. Bob, you know that most of them are simply adjustments that bring us closer to our inner peace. I love you AND you mom!!

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  2. Thank you Cathy! Love you too… and thank God for Dr. Bob and his good friend Bill, I have learned so much from them and have had a lot of opportunity to practice those principles in my affairs! See you soon my dear.


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