What about the zombies?

With my brother, Chad.
With my brother, Chad.

I really just needed a good excuse to post this picture of me with my brother, Chad, from my recent visit to see him and his kids.  For the record, this was not a planned pose… we were goofing around while a friend was snapping photos, and this is what happened. To me, Chad looks like a zombie who is completely uninterested in eating my brains.

Obviously, one of Bob’s surely many purposes is to save me from the impending zombie apocalypse that everyone keeps talking about. So, there’s that. My brains are safe with Bob on guard.

On another note, there’s the below statistic and an apparent need for more funding into brain tumor research:


That’s all for tonight… just showing off my awesome big brother! Shout out to Chad, you rock bro!  Thanks for keeping me laughing.

More will be revealed…

Love & light


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