The gift.

This is how quickly my attitude and outlook changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. In complete opposition to yesterday’s post, today I can see the gift of a brain tumor, the opportunity of any serious challenge that any of us face in life.

What has the galaxy of Bob-the-parasite-in-my-brain gifted me?  The opportunity to heal and expand relationships within my family.  The ability to reach out and ask for help.  The awareness of how much I am loved and the vulnerability to accept that I am worthy of so much love and support.

The tumor is giving me even more opportunity to examine how I act out in life to escape my feelings, and by so acknowledging, the willingness to release these obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

I have deepened my connection with God, the Source of All, through prayer and meditation.

I still grapple with my shift in perception of Reality, but I know that it is a positive shift.

I am willing to release Bob back to the Source, and believe that it is so.

*the small print at the bottom of the page: thoughts and feelings subject to change without notice.  I am a temperamental, delicate flower who is good at pretending to be strong.

More will be revealed…

Love, Dawn

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