back to… real life?

When I was a little kiddo, I sometimes enjoyed such vivid, fantastical dreams that I could almost convince myself that my dreams were real life and my waking life was just a dream.  Perhaps I was not so far from the truth?

Today, getting back to my Real Life, I lasted only 3 hours at work before the numbers on the computer screen began to run together and I felt I would fall asleep sitting upright.  It was a valiant effort, if I do say so myself, considering the spin-cycle that my emotional life has been on for the past two weeks!  And, you know, there’s Bob… just hanging out, making himself comfortable for the long haul.  I asked my supervisor if we could add Bob to the payroll since he’ll be working right along with me. No-go. So I guess I’ll need to build up my work-day endurance and earn the income for both of us.  Leach.  All he wants to do is nap all day.  Imagine that, trying to keep an entire F*ing galaxy awake in your brain! I’d better up my quota of coffee. And bacon. I’m pretty sure Bob is the one behind my obsessive thoughts of bacon. Well, that, and pigs are delicious.

Holy crap, it just occurred to me that maybe all those fantastical dreams were messages from Bob! Damn, I wish I had written them down.  BOB, Bob, Bob, Bob, hey BOB! Make me dream of flying again!! Those were my favorites, soaring freely just above the tree line, such freedom!

Real Life? I’m not so sure how I feel about that now.

More will be revealed…


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