my future’s so bright…

sunny front porch

… I gotta wear shades!

(entry started on 4/12/15)

Today has been a fantastic day!  It’s a feeling that I no longer take for granted, or let slip past me.  I want to yell from my rooftop, “It’s a beautiful, sunshiney, awesome spring day, everybody!”  Even IF my mom thinks the word “awesome” is over-used. It is a day in which I only napped once, and for less than an hour.  My mom took Saffie and I out to Chattfield off-leash dog park, and it was a 70 degree (F) day of sunshine with beautiful cloud formations. It was a day when I only thought about Bob dozens of times and not hundreds, in which I could eat without feeling nausea from anxiety of what’s to come.  I truly felt present, in my body, and in the moment most of the day, and fully enjoyed it!  I wish for you all to have many days such as this, staying present, staying in your body, looking at your where your feet are and not into the fears and worries of the future. Today is the only day we can do anything about, and today can be beautiful!

Thank you for reading! More will be revealed…

Dawn & Saffie


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