best case scenario, lucky girl-with-brain-tumor…

So, I’m in a state of euphoric shock still. I finally saw the neuro-oncologist today, twelve days after finding out that there is a tumor hanging out on my brain-stem.  After seeing my neurologist who looked at me like he just ran over my cat when he broke the news to me, and a neuro-surgeon who was telling me about the different options to open my skull or poke holes in it to get a sample of Bob for a biopsy.  And, let’s not forget my own consultation with Dr. Google.

The neuro-oncologist, the specialist who analyzes brain tumors daily and diagnosis this shit, thinks that good ol’ Bob has been with me for a very long time, just slowly growing with no aggressive tendencies. She sees no need, for now, to try to take a chunk of Bob for the lab to examine, but we will keep a watchful eye on him. Rather she will, all I see is a glowing marble who I now refer to in third person.

Follow up MRI in three months to see if he’s had any growth-spurts… other than that, back to daily living. With an entirely new perspective.  So, thanks Bob.

Thank you all for your support, love, prayers, and good mojo!

More will be revealed…



Just because it's pretty.
Just because it’s pretty.

7 thoughts on “best case scenario, lucky girl-with-brain-tumor…”

  1. GREAT news! Now get going on your alternative healthcare to shrink that mo-fo. Juicing, hemp oil (doesn’t get you high), elimination of GMO and non-organics, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat / dairy / eggs, and no soy. See my Facebook post on the hidden names of soy. This proves that some forms of “cancer” are merely manageable diseases that can be arrested or eliminated through natural means. Give me a shout for more info. I love you!

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  2. Oh my god, what a roller coaster, sweetie! And then you post that picture. Were you trying to give the marble universe otherwise known as Bob some serious envy? And incite him to try growing as big as those big glass ones from Chihuly??? I sure hope not. Just this once, I hope the pretty marbles are just pretty marbles. Art and love and life just for the sake of living. I love you.


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