so this brain tumor walks into a bar…

What a bonding moment with mom… I just assigned her durable power of attorney for my healthcare and we filled out my advanced directive/living will together after a delicious bowl of home-made soup; Thank God we share the same philosophy on end-of-life medical care, that could have gotten ugly.  OK, not that I’m planning on getting the plug pulled anytime soon, because we have some major ass-whooping to do, but just in case.  I wasn’t really counting on a brain tumor either, so one can only be so prepared.  This goes right along with registering over the phone for my neuro-oncology appointment and being asked to proved the name and number for my next of kin.  I thought that was getting a little ahead of themselves.  Downright tacky.

I’m no queen of etiquette, but could you buy me a drink before we get that personal?  Not that I would drink it.  I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over 18 years, and maybe if Bob’s an alcoholic, he’ll scootch right out through my ear and mosey over to the nearest bar.  That would be a neat trick!

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