on tumor humor

It is mandatory that when I make brain tumor jokes, comments, sarcasm, or just blurt out completely ridiculous things (such as telling our cute waiter that I have a brain tumor, you’re hot, what are you doing later – yeah, I’ve done that, ask my friend Jennifer) that you either LOL, LMOA, or ROFL.  Do not bother with the perplexed or sympathetic stares.  If I can laugh about this crap, so can you.  I’m the one with a brain tumor.

Carry on.

More will be revealed…


One thought on “on tumor humor”

  1. YOU ARE THE BEST! That’s right, you say whatever you want to. It’s your life and you are coming to terms with this new and powerful information. It’s all part of the process. Honored that you shared some of your tumor humor with me!

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