An entire galaxy in my head, named Bob.

Galaxy named Bob

Meet Bob, the marble-sized galaxy in my head.  Specifically on the top of my brain-stem.  I’m not sure how long this galaxy has existed or from where it was manifested.  I believe that it is a friendly galaxy, of no threat to humanity on planet Earth.  I have no idea why Bob chose me to carry him in our world and am trying to come to terms with him occupying my brain-stem. His existence has been interfering with my muscle impulse control, which is quite disturbing and slightly destructive to my quality of life.  On the balance, his existence has given me a completely new outlook on life.  I’ll get more into that on another post.

Thank you for reading along.

More will constantly be revealed…


3 thoughts on “An entire galaxy in my head, named Bob.”

  1. I’m so glad that you are writing this blog! Well, I don’t know why you were chosen to carry a galaxy in your head either! I don’t think it’s because “you’re strong enough” because that’s no reward for being strong! However, I do know that you are amazing and I’m so glad that you took the chance to be my friend. As a new comer, I appreciate how open, caring and how FUNNY you are! Btw, you are a wonderful writer, too! I look forward to hearing about your amazing journey with this new galaxy, Bob, in your head.

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